With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your outfits for the upcoming event season. Whether it is the Spring Racing Carnival, a wedding or your end of year work party, our latest La Luna range will definitely make you feel inspired and fabulous.

These types of events call for something special, something a little bit different to what you would normally wear. Our La Luna range is romantic, feminine, elegant and classic. With soft flowing materials, flattering shapes and stylish designs, La Luna is your go-to range for your next special occasion.

This month we have created a range of beautiful investment pieces you will be able to wear for years to come. The classic black and white colour palette makes it super easy to mix and match these items with your existing wardrobe. As we are coming into spring, we have put together a selection of pieces that are suitable for all types of weather.


Aspire Long Top

Peep Out Legging

Aspire Duster

Aspire Layered Top

Agean Skirt

With the right cut and fabric, white can be a great colour choice for the warmer weather. It is fresh, classic and classy and goes with any hair colour or skin tone. Add the Aspire Duster to your outfit to keep you looking chic even on the cooler nights. The Aspire Long Top and Aspire Layered Top are both elegant pieces that will make you feel confident and fabulous.


Aspire Striped Top

Skinny Leg Harem Pant

Aspire Layered Top

Village Pocket Pant

Keep it simple with these 2 chic and classic outfits. Both of these looks are perfect for those of you who normally stick to an all-black outfit. The stripes on the Aspire Striped Top add a point of interest to your outfit and the side stitching creates a beautiful shape to complement your body. If stripes aren’t your thing, pair our Aspire Layered Top in black with crisp white pants to create a fresh look for the warmer weather.


Aspire Tipped Top

Aspire Striped Pant

Aspire Asymmetrical Top

Lucy Lacey Cullotte

Need something dressy but not sure where to start? Try something new and experiment with different shapes and lengths. Our Aspire Tipped Top and Aspire Asymmetrical Top both have flattering necklines as well as complimentary shapes. Both tops can be teamed with either straight or wide leg pants, depending on the type of look you are going for.



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Comedian and all round funny girl, Amy Schumer is this month’s cover star for the US edition of Marie Claire magazine. Usually in the headlines for her unapologetic sense of humour, this time she is making headlines by looking amazing in what is being described as her sexiest photoshoot to date.

Amy Schumer has achieved a lot in just a few short years. She has had her own HBO stand-up special, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, directed by Chris Rock. Her debut film which she wrote and starred in, Trainwreck, grossed $140 million at the box office. Schumer has also been nominated for 5 Emmys for her work on her show, Inside Amy Schumer, of which she is the creator, co-producer, co-writer and star. She is also set to star in a mother-daughter comedy film with Hollywood superstar Goldie Hawn.

In her recent interview with Marie Claire, Amy says, “It’s such a blur. I don’t even remember what I’ve just done. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate all this. I don’t have it down. I. Do. Not.”


Having someone like Schumer on the cover of a leading women’s magazine, is a win for ‘normal’ women. It is so refreshing to see someone we can relate to on the cover, rather than the usual super slim catwalk model that we normally see on the cover of glossy magazines. Her dry sense of humour and relaxed body image, has won her many fans around the world. Her confidence and ability to make a joke at her own expense is inspiring and one of the reasons she has become so successful.

However, she hasn’t always been the confident and open girl we know her as. In her candid interview with the magazine, she is open and honest, at times even letting us see her vulnerable side. When asked about was she like growing up, Amy says, “I was always self-effacing, self-reflective. I hated feeling I was just like every other girl on Long Island. Looking at my clothes and my hair. I was very aware of not wanting to be the same as everyone.”

It’s easy to see why the world has fallen in love with Amy Schumer. She’s the best friend you wish you had, she’s real, she’s not perfect, she’s blunt, she’s hilarious, she’s us.





As we shiver through the coldest day of the year so far, now is the perfect time to start planning your winter escape. It’s cold, windy and wet outside; black winter coats and stuffy red noses as far as the eye can see. Even though hot chocolate, homemade soup and any kind of comfort food are the perfect way to stay warm, winter can take a lot out of you. Now, imagine the warm sun on your skin and the relaxing sound of the waves in your ear while you’re wiggling your toes in the sand. The only umbrellas you will have to deal with will be stuck in a cocktail glass or a pile of sand next to your deck chair. A winter vacation is the perfect way to forget all about gloves, scarves and anything fleece.

Winter can be a depressing and difficult time. There is neither a lot of daylight nor sunshine, which can affect our mood and ultimately everything we do. Going to a warm and sunny place in winter might just be what the doctor ordered. It can help you to recharge your batteries and give your body a much needed boost of Vitamin D and serotonin. These will benefit your immune system, give you energy and help you stay alert and motivated until it’s officially spring.

In preparation for your winter escape, we have put together some great pieces to take away with you.

2 (7)

Marine Tunic

Perfect Pant

Spot On Striped Long Sleeve Tee

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Confused about what to wear on the plane or whilst in transit? Our Perfect Pants have lycra in them so they are super comfy if you need to sit for long periods of time. They are also really versatile as they can be dressed up or dressed down. Add some white sneakers and a light weight top and you have your outfit all sorted for the plane trip.  We love the white and navy combo; it is classic, fresh and classy. Pair our white pants with the Marine Tunic or Spot on Striped Long Sleeve Tee to create a simple, yet fashionable look that you can use over and over again on your trip.

 4 (5)

The Naturals Striped Tee

Kumfy Pant

Minty Geo Print Tunic

Peep Out Legging

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To save space in your luggage, we recommend taking versatile key pieces with you that can be used for different occasions. The Minty Geo Print Tunic is an example of a super versatile item – you can wear it with the Peep Out Legging at night when you go out for dinner, or just by itself during the day when you are checking out the markets. Similarly, the neutral colours in The Naturals Striped Tee make it easy to pair with most pants or skirts. It is a light weight, comfortable piece that you can throw on as the sun goes down, or wear if you are heading to the mountains where it can be cooler with less humidity.


Spot on Striped Anorak

Round Neck Curved Hem Tee

Perfect Pant

Broken Spot Scarf

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If you are planning on traveling to somewhere like South East Asia, it is important to keep in mind that even though it will be warm, it is also very likely you will experience quite a lot of rain as they are heading into their wet season. Don’t let the rain stop you though, there is still plenty to do and see and the downpours are generally over quickly each day. Be prepared for all weather conditions with our Spot on Striped Anorak and Broken Spot Scarf. These items are essential for any trip as they don’t take up much space in your luggage and are quick and easy to use to protect you from wind and rain.

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Figuring out how to stay warm while still looking stylish is a dilemma faced by many women each winter. However, just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself in blankets and hibernate until spring time. Whether you prefer wraps over scarves or cardigans over jackets, there’s no end to the choice you have when it comes to creating a stylish, layered outfit this winter.

Many women are afraid to layer their clothes for fear of looking bigger than they actually are. However, a perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

This month we bring you our tips on how to use layering to keep warm and toasty this winter.

5 Steps for Winter Layering

  1. Basics belong on the bottom and this layer needs to be your lightest. Keep your base layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim. We suggest a neutral long sleeve top.
  2. Your next layer should be something soft and not too bulky. You could go with a soft cardi or knitted jumper to add some texture to your outfit.
  3. Then add a jacket, coat or wrap to really lock in the warmth. If you want to give yourself a break from your everyday winter coat, try a chic wrap to keep the cold air out. The right wrap can be surprisingly warm and is easy to remove if you get too hot.
  4. Next, add a scarf. A bold, graphic scarf will protect you from the cold-weather blues and add some style to an otherwise plain outfit.
  5. Lastly, finish off your look with some on-trend accessories.


One of the tricks to layering in winter is keep your pants, or bottom half of your outfit, slim so you can bulk up on top. This trick keeps your silhouette in proportion and allows you to wear multiple layers without looking bigger than you are actually are. Pair a simple black legging with a cute dress, then throw on a jacket if you need some extra warmth. Keep it simple downstairs, with all the action up the top!

Velvet Touch Dress

Peep Out Legging

Infinity Leopard Scarf

Blush Velvet Hanky Hem

Village Pocket Pant

Charm Necklace with Tassel


Never underestimate the power of all black. Invest in a pair of good black pants and classic black coat to see you through many winters to come. Layer them together for a look that can take you anywhere. The monochrome trend is also a great option when you don’t know what to wear. This simple go-to look is perfect for layering because the colours all complement each other.

Mandarin Collar Coat

Village Pocket Pant

Essential Shirt

Essential Long Cardi

Essential Check Pant


To keep your look from feeling as dark as the weather, swap your trusty black pants for a pair of grey jeans—they’ll look just as stylish but will create a softer, more feminine look. Add extra layers with a textured top or wrap to take your look to the next level.

Softie Floral Knit

Softie Jean

Stretch Long Sleeve Tee

Softie Jean

Sienna Reversible Ruana


Even though the sky is dark and gloomy, doesn’t mean you have to pack away all your bright colors. Your outerwear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not make a statement? The Blues Duffle and The Blues Wrap are a great alternative to your standard black jacket.

The Blues Striped Top

The Blues Duffle

The Blues Wrap

Super Skinny Magic Jeans


Keep your outfit looking chic by using different lengths and shapes. By trading your coat for a cape, it creates a stylish but comfortable winter look. Our Blush Ombre Knit Top and Blush Wrap are two great examples of how you can still be warm without sacrificing comfort and style.

Blush Ombre Knit Top

Blush Shirt

Blush Velvet Legging

Blush Infinity Scarf

Blush Photo Print Top

Blush Velvet Legging

Blush Wrap


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Looking chic and stylish in winter can be hard when all you want to do is throw on some trackies and wrap yourself in a blanket! It’s so easy to go into hibernation during the colder months, when leaving the warmth and comfort of your home requires so much effort.

With this is mind, we have put together our top 5 favourite winter looks that will keep you warm on the coldest days while still looking stylish.


In The Office

We love this classic monochrome look for cold, wintery days in the office. It’s all about combining the right layers and textures that will keep you warm, but also comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at your desk all day! The Winter Cape is perfect for the office as it gives you some extra warmth, while keeping your arms free to get your work done. Paired with a crisp white top and simple grey skirt, this is your go-to look for work this season.

Winter Cape

Modern Muse Long Top

Winter Skirt

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4 (5)

Dinner with the Girls

Impress the girls in this beautiful and feminine outfit next time you go out for dinner. Dressy and stylish, without being over the top, this look will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. The Flower Bomb Layered Top follows the silhouette of your body for a flattering look, while the Flower Bomb Pants are a nice change from the more common black pants.

Flower Bomb Layered Top

Flower Bomb Pant

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A Night at the Theatre

How many times have you said yes to an event, but changed your mind at the last minute after realising how cold it is outside and deciding that the couch is a better option? Well, we have a solution to your problem! The Flower Bomb Wrap is like a big warm hug and is perfect for those cold, chilly nights. It is also an effortless way to look chic and stylish without compromising on warmth. We think it looks fabulous paired with the Colour Splash Leopard Pants for a simple, yet elegant evening look.

Sophisticated Hem Top

Colour Splash Leopard Pant

Flower Bomb Wrap

Multi Strand & Hoop Necklace

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2 (7)

Walking the Dog

Walking your furry friend doesn’t have to be a chore when you have an outfit like this. The Colour Splash Turtle is a stylish way to keep your chest and neck warm, while the Perfect Track Pants are soft enough to allow you to move in any direction that Fido pulls you in. If you’re walking early in the morning, or after dinner when there isn’t a lot of light, the Everyday Rain Jacket is a great way to ensure you are visible to any traffic and easy for your dog to spot you!

Colour Splash Turtle

Everyday Rain Jacket

Perfect Track Pant

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Farmer’s Markets

If you are a regular at the local farmer’s market, you know how important it is to be comfortable as well as prepared for any weather changes that often appear out of nowhere. The Sunday Striped Zip Hoodie is perfect for outdoor activities; you can unzip it when the sun comes out, or throw on the hood if it starts to drizzle.  Keep the look simple but stylish with the Super Skinny Magic Jeans. These jeans are warm, comfortable and go with everything – perfect for traipsing through the mud, grass and car park at the markets.

Sunday Striped Zip Hoodie

Vee Neck Curved Hem Tee

Super Skinny Magic Jean

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The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, which means winter is on its way. While we wait for winter to completely kick in and cause us to hibernate, we get to enjoy the trans-seasonal time that is autumn. One day it can be hot and humid, while the next day can be so cold that your body goes numb.

Dressing for autumn can be a challenge, however it can also be a great time to experiment with different looks and build your perfect winter wardrobe. This season, autumnal colours are big. This is great news because these colours are a universally flattering palette.

Think of the colours and shades of falling autumn leaves and you will have an idea of this season’s colour palette. Deep, warm and muted tones will flatter your body shape, while also adding warmth to your complexion.

Blog 1

Combining different tones, textures and fabrics are the key elements to creating the perfect autumn look. Use soft colours and fabrics for a more feminine style, or use darker tones to create a sultry and sophisticated look. Layering also adds impact and interest to your outfit. You can use different items to layer and create multiple outfit options with just a few key pieces.

Sandpiper Paisley Top

A round neck long sleeve top featuring curved front seam and wide hem detail.

Sandpiper Jean

A 5 pocket jean featuring a stud and zip closure with a special panel inside to flatten your tummy.

Sandpiper Asymmetrical

A round neck long sleeve asymmetrical top.

Ombre Scarf

Fine Pleat Scarf

Blog 2

Multi purpose scarves that double as a shawl are great for keeping your shoulders warm during this unpredictable weather. 70’s inspired colours have made a come back this season, as many fashion trends do, and are perfect for this time of year. The environmental movement in the seventies inspired earthy colours in the fashion industry. These warmer colours and tones reflected the desire for peace and calm around the globe. Earthy, but still vibrant, these colours will be a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe.

Sophisticated Lady Vest

A turtle neck vest featuring rib bands on armhole, neck and hems, side slits and a longer back.

Sandpiper Jean

A 5 pocket jean featuring a stud and zip closure with a special panel inside to flatten your tummy.

Sandpiper Long Sleeve Tee

A round neck long sleeve tee.

The Classic Fringe Wrap

Hoopla Necklace

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The white shirt is the very definition of a wardrobe staple. They’re versatile, they go with everything and they never go out of fashion. They are the perfect solution for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, even though you couldn’t fit one more item in your wardrobe.

You can dress a white shirt down with denim and clean white sneakers, or dress it up with a pencil skirt and heels. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the white shirt is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

The key to nailing the look is making sure your white shirt is kept in excellent condition and always perfectly ironed. A crisp white shirt creates a low maintenance sophisticated look.

This month we have released 3 very different versions of the timeless classic. Invest in a never-fail white shirt and make it your new go-to wardrobe item. Whether you go for a white on white look, belt it for more shape or layer it with a vest, you can do no wrong with this traditional staple.


Leopard Obsession Pleated Shirt

A mandarin collar vee neck shirt featuring front tab with long sleeves, cuffs, front pleats and pointed hems.

This shirt is soft and flowy with a modern boho edge. Pair it with a bright scarf, or some chunky jewellery to complete the look. We also think this shirt goes perfectly with animal print!


The Classic Stripe Shirt

A cuffed shirt with collar, tab, button front, side slits and longer back.

This shirt can easily take you from day to night, from desk to dinner. With its crisp, clean lines, the Classic Stripe Shirt is the perfect addition to your work wardrobe. The black stripes give this shirt a modern edge and really stand out when teamed with a black skirt or pants.


The Classic White Shirt

A long sleeve cuffed shirt featuring yokes, body seams, longer back, concealed tab and front lower pockets.

We are loving the versatility of the Classic White Shirt. Wear it over pants for a corporate look or tucked into a skirt to create a more lady like style.  The body seams give the shirt shape in all the right places which is flattering for all sizes.


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Effortless, yet fashionable, sports luxe is the trend that has everyone talking. With its mixture of luxurious fabrics, comfort and simplicity, sports luxe can take you anywhere; a yoga class, a relaxed business meeting or dinner with the girls. This trend is versatile while being modern, comfy and cool.

This month we have introduced our own range of sports luxe items that we are sure will quickly become your go-to pieces for this season.

We have created a range of sports-wear inspired pieces that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe to complete your sports luxe look. Sticking with a monochrome palette and clean, simple shapes, this new range will take you from studio to street with ease.

2 (6)

1 (8)

Sports Luxe Pocket Tunic

Sports Luxe Cropped Jegging

Sports Luxe Waffle Cardi

Sports Luxe Skirt

Sports Luxe Jacket

Sports Luxe is a trend you can have a bit of fun with by experimenting with different pieces and designs. Remember to keep it clean and crisp, opting for neutrals and pastels. Sports luxe is about focusing on strong clean shapes using luxe fabrics to ensure you achieve that high quality look. Think laser cut fabrics, a monochrome palette with lots of layering.


Contrasting textures teamed with fabrics like neoprene and jersey, will take your sports luxe look to the next level.  Bomber jackets, tights and white trainers are a great starting point for the sports luxe trend.


Street Style – Sports Luxe Inspiration



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Now that Christmas is over and we are a few weeks into the New Year, it’s time to start putting those ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions in place. One way to create a ‘New You’ is by refreshing your work wardrobe. Having new clothes to wear to work can make going to work seem less like Groundhog Day while giving you more motivation to excel and maybe even go for that promotion.

Our range is designed so you can mix and match our basics with our limited edition pieces, making it super easy to create a new wardrobe. Our clothes are easy to wear and fashionable, while still being comfortable.

Oriental Red

Limited Edition

Oriental Layered Shirt – a ¾ sleeve layered shirt featuring a round vee neck with split detail at sleeve.

Oriental Flower Hanky Hem – a square neck short sleeve top featuring a hanky hem.

Stand out from your colleagues in this vibrant range of tops. Red looks great with all hair types and is a strong, bold colour to add to your wardrobe.


Narrow Leg Knit Pant – is a simple pull on stretch pant in a skinny leg cut to give a longer silhouette.

Perfect Pant – is a straight leg pant with elastic enclosed waistband with front zip and button, featuring side pockets with button.

Both of these pants can be worn in a corporate office environment, while still being super comfortable for sitting in front of a computer all day.

Azzure Blue

Limited Edition

Azzure Printed Layered Shirt – a cuffed long sleeve top featuring mandarin collar, vee tab with angled hems, side slits and longer back.

Azzure Layered Shirt – a ¾ sleeve layered shirt featuring a round vee neck with split detail at sleeve.

Azzure Printed Skirt – an elastic waist pull-on straight skirt.

According to colour psychology, blue is a colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order. Blue is considered to be a safe and non-threatening color, and the most universally liked of all colours. Add this colour to your work wardrobe to reap the benefits of this beautiful colour.


Village Pocket Pant – a narrow leg pant featuring elastic waist and side pockets.

These pants are a great option as we move into Autumn. They come in black, white, taupe and navy and go with almost anything! The pockets give them a slightly dressier look, making them a good option for the office.

Geo Black

Limited Edition

Geo Striped Top – a short sleeve round neck top featuring angled front detail panels.

Geo Hanky Hem Shirt – a cuffed long sleeve shirt with hanky hem, collar, tab with buttons and side slits.

We love the flattering style of the Geo Striped Top, it comes in at the waist to give you some shape, while still covering everything it needs to. It is also really versatile as it can be worn with pants or a skirt. The Geo Hanky Hem Shirt will become your favourite shirt; it is comfortable but also super stylish.


Beachside Skirt – an elastic waist skirt featuring a narrow hem and back pleat.

The Village Crop – an elastic waist pull on crop pant.

This skirt is a wardrobe staple. It will match with almost any of our tops and looks stylish and chic. With its elastic waist, it is another great option for those who work in an office environment and sit down for most of the day.

Geo Spot

Limited Edition

Geo Hanky Hem – a short sleeve round neck hanky hem tunic with a keyhole feature and a gathered neck.

We can’t decide which colour we like more, so we’re buying both! This top will work with both long and short pants as well as skirts. It is comfortable, stylish and flattering – is this the perfect top?


Perfect Pant – is a straight leg pant with elastic enclosed waistband with front zip and button, featuring side pockets with button.

The Village Crop – an elastic waist pull on crop pant.

Keep your outfit looking fresh with either of these pants in crisp white. They come in other colours, but we think white is a great option for this time of the year.


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We live in a world filled with smartphones, social media, digital media, traditional media and access to any information we need at our fingertips.

It is a world where regular girls are becoming overnight Instagram celebrities, where there are apps that help you Photoshop your images before you post them on social media and where every part of a woman’s body can be picked apart and judged by others.

At My Size we believe in being ‘body positive’. We believe that we are all part of the ‘sisterhood’ and should be looking out for each other, instead of trying to bring each other down. Being body positive is all about being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what size you are.

2015 was an exciting year for the plus-size industry. Plus-size models became more well known, they started speaking out about their feelings about being labeled as ‘plus-size’ and most importantly, they became sexy.

To celebrate the rise of the plus-size model and our desire for all women to feel ‘body positive’, we have compiled a short list of beautiful Australian women who we believe are the perfect example of being ‘body positive’.

1 (6)

Bonnie Sveen

Bonnie plays Ricky Sharpe on Home and Away and has quickly made a name for herself as someone young girls can look up to. In 2014, when she won a Logie for Most Popular New Talent, Bonnie ended her acceptance speech by saying ‘It says something really progressive about Australia and the commercial industry that viewers have so warmly embraced such a natural and healthy young woman on their screens.’

She was absolutely right. For years, the young stars of Australian TV have been model-thin and overly made-up. Bonnie’s natural and healthy look is a perfect example of being body positive. She shows us that you don’t need make up and designer clothes to be successful on Australian TV.

2 (4)

Deborah Mailman

She became a household name when we met her as Kelly on The Secret Life of Us. Since then, Deborah Mailman has continued to become one of Australia’s most popular actors.

In 2010, Deborah said body image has accompanied her from her childhood until now. ”If I look at the one thorn that is in my side, of all my life, it is my weight,” she said.

Even with this massive insecurity, Deborah continues to be successful while not giving in to the industry norm of being stick thin and unhealthy. We love Deborah’s sense of style and ability to dress perfectly for her size.

3 (4)

Fiona Falkiner

Since competing in the first season of The Biggest Loser, Fiona has come a long way. She is a successful international plus-size model, hosted the most recent season of The Biggest Loser Families and just did a very sexy photo shoot for the cover of Maxim magazine.

Scrolling through her Instagram feed is almost addictive; it is filled with pictures of her working out, eating, socialising, modeling and just being comfortable in her size 16 body.

She is 14 kilos heavier now than when she finished filming The Biggest Loser in 2006, however she has recently come out saying that she is actually happier now than she was when she was ‘skinnier’. This is a perfect example of a beautiful young woman who is body positive. You can be beautiful and successful at any size.

4 (5)

Samantha Armytage

Since joining David Koch as the co-host of Sunrise is 2013, Samantha Armytage has scored herself a great fan base and loyal following. However, her weight has always been a popular topic of discussion.

In an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, Sam said “It is something people talk about and what I look like resonates with other women. I don’t describe myself as curvy. I’d describe myself as quite strong and healthy, nothing terribly flash. Take me as I am.

Sam has changed the stereotype of journalists and news presenters from often scarily thin, to healthy and natural.


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