When I was ten I had my favourite tennis racket stolen from the clubrooms that had always been a safe and sound sanctuary.

It took me six months of saving and a dramatic loss of form before I could buy a new one.  Every day without that racket seemed an eternity and I could not wait for the day that I returned to the court with my new weapon.

However, when the day finally arrived to collect it I started to feel doubt.  Would it be as good as I remembered, would it have changed, had I built it up too much? Ultimately, would I be disappointed?

I wasn’t, and I am glad to say the same applies to the long and much anticipated return of the LaLuna by Emme range available at My Size.

The collection is comprehensive, and sure to set you apart at work, keep you looking fabulous at pre dinner drinks and stealing the show on the dance floor.

A key element to the range is the extremely versatile Dress Up Long Jacket, stunning in white and equally timeless in black.













Pair this with a longer line tank and a bamboo pant and you have three outfits in one.












For a sophisticated evening or after work socialising, the Dress Up bamboo dress is both unique and unmistakable.











For a slightly more daring approach, the shorter hem Dress Up leaf dress with sequin detail at the front and back is a show stopper.












At the end of the day, love what you wear, feel great about your choices and don’t be scared to dream of how good things can be.