Life is a journey, not a destination. Let me take you through the colourful
journey of our October catalogue – inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Early in August, I paid a visit to my wonderful friends at Gregory Ladner. I
always look forward to going there to feel inspired by the glamorous
accessories, magical hats and beautiful dogs. It really is a treat for the soul
and an amazing space to feel pure beauty and gorgeousness.
Upon browsing through the many exquisite hats and fascinators my friend,
Mark, whet my excitement for the upcoming warmer months and spring racing
season. He said, “It’s coming up soon and you must have hats, hats, hats!”.
This got me thinking; we should absolutely centre our October catalogue on
the theme of a Mad Hatter’s tea party! I began envisioning the October cloths
with the hats and knew it was going to be a really fun catalogue.
I took the idea to Ernst Joost, our very talented art director and overall
creative for the catalogues and in-store visuals. Ernst drew up many
whimsical illustrations of toadstools, garden beds, caterpillars tea cups, which
was used as fantastic inspiration for the shoot. It really is a joy to watch him
work as everything I could have visualised comes to life on paper with his
free-hand drawings.
In fact, we’re lucky to have such an amazing team of people across all
departments at our catalogue shoots. We’re a close-knit group now having
worked together for years and it’s great to see everyone lend their own touch
of magic to spin the story and make My Size come alive.
Our wonderful photographer, Andy, always makes it fun and he and his
gorgeous little dog are the calm in the storm of a very emotional and busy
day. His assistant, Bridget, is a fantastic artist and sits next to me all day on
the monitor whilst I babble and carry on.
Laura and Olivia, our lovely models, are the stars of the show and are an
absolute joy to work with. Their gorgeous hair and make-up is attributed to
Darren, whom I’ve worked with since forever. He is a true visionary and in my
opinion, does the best hair and make-up in the universe. Darren works closely
with his assistant, Jodie, who is yet another amazing contribution to the
Our delightful Amber styles the shoot and has an impeccable attention to
detail. When I go overboard with all the accessories, Amber imbues her good
taste to bring it back a notch and ensure everything is perfectly pleasing to the
eye. Also, I’d love to send out another special thank you to the dreamweavers,
Alan and Anne.
With all of these elements and fabulous people forming a rock-solid
foundation, I then bring in the cloths to become the real hero of the shoot. All
the patterns and designs have been carefully selected and crafted to ensure
My Size is always fashion-forward, comfortable and celebrates all body
shapes and sizes! Thank you to my team for making sure My Size is wellmade,
well-fitted and well-executed – it really is fantastic to have you all
alongside me on this colourful journey. I hope you too are looking forward to
the spring racing season and having a Mad Hatter’s tea party of your own!

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