For some, holiday packing is a blur of excited decisions thrown into a carryall the night before travel and for others, a plan of attack not unlike a military operation is key. For many, we realise upon arrival at our destination that we’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink, but still have nothing to wear. So regardless of your favoured holiday packing routine, there is no getting away from the need to plan the colour scheme for your bag of must have holiday fashion

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Packing the right holiday wardrobe can make or break a much-anticipated vacation so a great way to plan is around a favoured colour palette and mix and match items allowing for economy of scale when it comes to space. The team at My Size suggests considering expected temperatures, daily outings and whether or not you need that favourite black dress that will take you from day to night with the change of a couple of accessories.

The key is to go with a colour story, mostly solids and patterns within the same colour story will allow you to mix and match. Create balance, so half the pieces should be are neutral and the other half colour. Another great tip is to lay everything out on the bed and go through each piece and think will I get great wear out of it, if you are not sure, don’t take it. With shoes take a couple of pairs that will work as hard as your clothing choices. Versatile pieces will be your friend, no need to lug about gear you won’t wear and you’ll be able to buy a few treats overseas.

So whether you’re off to a tropical resort, an outback destination or the family cottage in the country, pre-planning around colour is key. Check out the My Size travel collection at

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