It’s that time of year again and while some of us love it and some of us struggle with preparing for the festive season that is upon us, there is so much to look forward to. So whether you revel in the challenge of holiday coordination or are in a constant state of angst about how to fit in all the celebratory commitments, we all love a cracking good Christmas wish list!

Remember when you were a child and painstakingly worked on your Christmas wish list, making sure every item was listed in order of priority? Well here is your chance to revert to your childhood. A good wish list can help friends and family navigate their way through a holiday shopping list. So grab a cup of tea, curl up next to the Christmas tree and put pen to paper. Here is a list of the My Size team’s suggestions for your 2014 Christmas wish list.

An experience – with so many commitments in the lead up to the holiday season, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to spend with your nearest and dearest. So why not plan a group experience and spend time with those who really mean the most to you. Take a look at the Australian Wine Tour Co. website which offers a variety of options. There are similar offers found in all corners of the country.

Charitable Donation – so maybe you don’t want any more clutter and are truly lucky enough not to want for anything, ask your family, friends or partners to make a donation to your charity of choice and help others to celebrate what can sometimes be a not so festive time of the year. Check out the Australian Charity Guide and pick one that has personal meaning.

Gift Certificates – they can make the best gifts of all! A gift certificate allows the recipient to enjoy a shopping expedition and end up with something they really want. From 16th of December, receive 10% off the purchase price of any My Size Gift Certificate.



“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St Augustine

Yes, travel does broaden the mind, there is nothing that excites quite like travel. The two destination highlighted below are packed full of views and experiences to awaken the senses and are close to Australia.

Philippines beach iamgeTHE PHILIPPINES

Jungle rivers, limestone cliffs, rice fields and stunning beaches await. You can be as active or as chilled as you like with the host of dramatic waterways to be enjoyed with highlights such Palawan; the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, where you can take a breathtaking boat trip underground and the Bacuit Archipelago, all make the Philippines a desirable holiday. If you journey on from Palawan yPhilippines underground river imageou’ll hit the Calamian Islands with its strip of white sand that is said to have inspired and this is apparently what Alex Garland’s film, The Beach.

Check the best times to travel so you avoid the Monsoon period.

For more on this fabulous destination visit:

Cruise MekongMekong River image

Take a cruise along the magical Mekong river and taste the cuisine and culture of Vietnam and Cambodia.   Avalon Waterways offers cruises. ranging from 14 to 22-night holidays, travelling between Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok and featuring a seven-night cruise along the Mekong through the countryside of Vietnam and Cambodia. You’ll experience the allure of Indochina from striking pagodas and romantic colonial architecture, the colourful cacophony of market streets full of silks, silver and fresh fish, terraced rice fields and unspoiled villages.

Cambodia imageThe elegant Avalon Angkor is able to cruise all the way to Cambodia’s Siem Reap, a highlight is a visit to the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor.

Before you book tickets anywhere, always check the best time to travel:

Yes we’re casual and easy going and yes we love a good holiday but Australia is a continent known for extremes. Whether it’s the extreme enthusiasm for outdoor activities or our voracious appetite for a good glass of wine and the infamous Aussie bbq, we like to do things in extreme measure! And the same goes for our unpredictable and sometimes harsh climate, which can make packing for the holidays somewhat difficult.

Visiting the outback for the first time? It is always safest to know what to expect when visiting the outback and this includes what to wear. Known for its rapid temperature fluctuations, the experienced Australian traveller knows to be prepared for blistering temperatures during the day and igloo degrees at night. Visit to keep aware of the highs and lows at different times of the year.

The state of Victoria also hosts an unpredictable climate, which proves to be mind-boggling for domestic and international travelers alike. Often experiencing four seasons in one day, when visiting Victoria the best way to prepare is to pack layers of mix and match items. The My Size November catalogue features a number of separates that can work back with multiple colour groupings, making a prepared holiday wardrobe as simple as clicking onto

So whether you’re off to a warm weather resort, an outback adventure or the high country, wardrobe pre-planning around Australian destinations makes the holiday experience that much more enjoyable.

Need some extra tips for dressing for the Australian climate? The following links should make life easier and are a great resource for any international guests you’re expecting for the holiday season.

Position #1position #2Blue 4Position #3position #6

With the fabulous travel collection in store, it is only natural to talk holidays. In addition to packing the right clothing, there are some other great tips to help you travel light and you’ll have everything you’ll need.

konan three pieceIn terms of luggage if you are in the market for something new we found a terrific buy at kogan,  It has a 3-piece-Hardside Spinner Luggage set for $99. It is available in orange, certainly easy to spot on the carousel as well as black. Something regular travellers highly recommend is if you have a black or dark suitcase, tie a bright colour ribbon on the handle to make it easy to identify.

Now for the beauty items, we all know these can really bulk up your case and are heavy. We did a bit of scouting around for you and came across a great way to pack you toiletries. But before you pack, line up what you intend to take; if there are items you’ll be able to buy at your destination, then leave them home.

With regard to a toiletry bag the eBag Pack-it-flat toiletry bag appears to be a travel favourite, it has four separate compartments, two mesh retainer pockets with elastic binding and an upper mesh pocket and of course it packs flat. It’s available at flat toilet bag

Multi purpose products are space savers, Lush has a solid shampoo soap bar that is also a conditioner, its called Godiva (insert hyperlink also opt for a tinted moisturiser that serves as a foundation, and wipes that clean hands and face, Eco Care are great for sensitive skin

Wherever you wish to travel, visit here first it is an incredibly useful destination providing amazing insight from how to pack through to places to visit and how to get the most from you adventures:

Feel free to share your travel tips and experience with us. We’d also like to know what topics you would like us to cover.

Happy travels.