For many of us, we have a go-to look that makes us feel comfortable and confident. You never have to think too hard about what to wear when you have that ‘look’ that always works for you. And generally there are multiple items in your wardrobe in the same easy to wear group. Often it is made up of black, black, and a little more black! But with warm colours gracing the season’s fashion collections, and 70’s inspired colourful prints seen on runways all over the world, it’s never been easier to work some colour into your wardrobe.

Start with strong colours that will work back with your basics.   Coloured prints can provide a great wardrobe story for a more casual feel and always team perfectly with that favoured piece of denim.

Not only will more colour in your wardrobe make you stand out in a crowd, it will make you feel better! So why does a new splash of colour make us feel happier, send a more positive message to those around us and provide us with confidence? Take a look here for the basics of colour psychology

There is a whole science behind the way colours make us feel, how we react to things around us and how we perceive the world around us. Visit the website to learn more.

So next time you have an important presentation, are attending a special event or need people around you to feel a certain way, think about the colours you wear. At the end of the day, only you can colour your world!

Some of the season’s best bold colours can be found here

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denim-guide_FebAs you gaze longingly, your heart skips a beat and you feel slightly light headed. You know you have to be together or nothing will ever be the same…….

Yes, we’ve all had this moment when we finally lay eyes on the perfect pair of jeans! But for many of us, it takes time to find the right pair. Whether you like slim fit, wide leg or boot cut, low rise, mid-rise or high waisted, indigo, black or faded, sometimes finding the right fit and style can be a veritable minefield.

Denim do’s and don’ts:

Don’t panic – for many of us we know the hunt is worth it but no matter our size or shape, we endure hours of self-scrutiny in the change room. Best plan of attack is to have an idea of what you want in mind. Then select from the rack and take your time in the change room. While trying on different styles, ask yourself where you will wear them, what you’ll wear with them and how many pairs you need.

Shape – nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in a new pair of jeans that seemed perfect in that retail therapy session. Embrace your personal style and wear denim that suits your shape and height as opposed to what the fashion world says is the must have for the season.   For instance if you are pear shape, slim leg jeans are best.

Comfort – so you like the look of slim fit, skinny leg jeans… For many of us it’s the style we wear when we feel best about ourselves. Remember that slim fit does not necessarily mean ‘tight fit’. No matter what, we can all wear slim fit but do make sure to purchase the right size or you’ll be sure to have a ‘never to be worn ‘ pair of jeans wasting space in your wardrobe.

Denim for your world – not everyone can wear denim to work but those who inhabit a low-key work place, denim can be a great go-to for those days when you have no idea what to wear to work. Teamed with heels, a great shirt and good blazer, denim can look the professional part. Make sure your go-to denim is right for your world.

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