What do Yves Saint Laurent, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, Alberta Ferreti, Grace Kelly, Cate Blanchet, Christina Hendricks, Elizabeth Taylor, and well a load more extraordinary talent have in common? It’s the humble kaftan.

The kaftan has come a long way since the early days of the Persian Empire (600 BC), when soldiers wore them under chain mail armor. The word itself is Persian and translates to a battle garment wGetty Kaftan picorn by soldiers. Who knew?

Since it’s practical days as a battle garment, it has evolved into a plethora of different shapes, sizes and colours, to become
a fashion icon, one that can adapt to all manner of environments. As we know, kaftans are not just for the beach, at varying lengths and with varying levels of colour, print and detail, this glorious piece can be worn am and pm.

The kaftan trend has re-emerged throughout the history of fashion. It was first introduced into western culture in the 60’s but really made a scene in 1967 when the Beatles made a trip to India and were influenced by their yogi and guru Maharishi Mahesh.  Morocco and its use of the kaftan held great influence over designers and the jet set in the 60’s through to the 70’s with fashion greats such a Diana Vreeland, Yves Saint Laurent and Talitha Getty gliding about in this diaphanous piece. Yes, it works on men too.

FashiMySize Moonshie snake kaftan & flower beaded n'lace (1)onable, comfortable & versatile, of course it is no surprise that it is still donned by people with discerning taste today. It has a unique ability to change with the times, with embellishments and diverse patterns and detail offering a more feminine silhouette. The drapey dress appeals to a diverse audience, from starlets on the red carpet to diplomats at state dinners to music festivals and the streets and beaches of Australia. Viva la kaftan.

The snakeskin print kaftan My Size designed in time for Christmas sold out in seconds but, great news, it will be in store and online on 23 December.



Ahhhh it is the season that is upon us! The stressful festive season that is. While many of us cope beautifully with the array of extra social occasions and general holiday merriment, it’s important not to let the various added pressures get to us. Remember it is supposed to be fun! At My Size, we’ve had a chat about how we all combat holiday stress.

Give yourself some time….

Remember that to stop, think and regain direction can help with most situations. A good strategy can help you navigate the holiday waters. Write down everything you need to address and schedule time to get things done. Sounds simple, right?

Gifting Angst

No need for stressful gift giving angst. Write a list and stick to it. Allot a specific time to shop and do as much online as you can. Many businesses offer gift-wrapping and rapid delivery around the holidays so take them up on the offer. And if all else fails, go with the gift card option. There are varieties available to suit everyone in your life. Take a look at http://www.gifte.com.au/

Keep things simple

When in doubt, simplify! This should be the mantra of those with a holiday schedule fit for a high flying corporate.   When we’re stressed it is easy to over complicate things and create road blocks that impede decision making.

Don’t go overboard with the menu!

If you’re cooking for a cast of thousands, the least stressful approach is based on not going overboard. If you don’t have time to dedicate to the traditional Turkey roast, bbq’d seafood and great salads work just as well. Its all about sharing a meal with the nearest and dearest in your life so make sure to keep it enjoyable. Take some hints from http://www.taste.com.au/menus/christmas+menu+plans?gclid=COy8-uXbuMICFQEDvAodV4YAJA

Plan your party wardrobe

Now this tip can make life so much more enjoyable around the holidays. Yes ladies, planning is key for holiday dressing! Consider how many functions you need to attend and then plan your attire around time of day and whether its indoor or outdoor. My Size has a great selection of summer looks that work well for both day and night. Take a look here www.mysize.com.au


Are you struggling to find the right outfit to wear Christmas Day?  Or are finding it hard to find the time to think about it because you are shopping for gifts, food, drink, writing cards, working?

My Size figured you might like some ideas on how to approach the Christmas outfit and there is not one pair of novelty earrings, reindeer horns or festive emblazoned tops in sight, not that we object to such jolly attire, but we want you to feel glamorous!MySize Moonshie snake kaftan & flower beaded n'lace

The best philosophy to dressing for a day of eating, drinking, hugging, playing with children, going for a stroll, passing out on the couch … is keep it simple.

So if you are entertaining at home on Christmas Day, opt for a dress.  This is something you can throw on just before the guests roll in.  Simply add a necklace and slip into your heels, we recommend a mid heel as you play host.

MySize Aqua fern print serapeIf heading to the beach then lunch with family, the Kimono will cover both locations in style.  At the beach keep to a simple tee with shorts and the Kimono will also act as a great sun protector.  Then have on hand a pencil skirt and jewels for lunch.

If you are heading to a restaurant with family, then MySize Cha Cha top & pencil skirtyou have the opportunity to up the style stakes and select tassels or sequins.  The key with these two wonderful details is to keep the shapes simple.

And accessories, these will make or break the outfit.  You can have a lot of fun with jewellery as layering continues to rule both on the neck and wrists.  On that note we’ll finish with a fabulous quote from the discerning Iris Apfel, “More is more and less is a bore.”  Go forth in style, shop at mysize.com.au

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